The AI tool
for skilled Devs

VS Code extension for Typescript/Javascript


You are
the Developer.

BitAlloy is a powerful code-generation tool for software developers who want AI to work for them.

Code Linking

Project-wide awareness that takes code generation to the next level.

Targeted Code Libraries

Leverage your preferred NPM packages.

Rapid Iteration

Figure out the next step when you hit a dead end.

We believe the future of software development is AI working for You, in Your environment.

You are the Developer.

Incredible power
at your fingertips.

Stay at the cutting edge and keep your velocity high by using BitAlloy to automate the mundane tasks of programming.

Forge your project

Make use of BitAlloy's quick commands and predictive analysis to rapidly crank out scripts and classes that fit into the larger picture of your project.

There's a plan for everyone.



100,000 tokens (one-time)

Try out BitAlloy with a limited supply of tokens



750,000 tokens each month

Normal token supply for casual software development



2,000,000 tokens each month

Large token supply for active developers

Get a one-time, free deposit of 100,000 tokens when you sign up
(see terms for details)

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